Ching Po Leung

Ching Po Leung 清補涼

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Ching Po Leung (清補涼), also known as Qing Bu Liang, is commonly served in cantonese or southern Chinese cuisine. Ching means "to clear or cleanse", bo means "to tonify and put nutrients back into the body", and leung means "to cool" in the Cantonese dialect.  The herbal ingredients in this wholesome and nutritious soup all combine to nourish the body's blood and other essential fluids to promote good health. Operating also as cleansing and cooling tonic, this herbal combination is perfect for the upcoming hot season and is a long-time staple within the Chinese household during long summer months.

Directions: Directions: Combine one bag with your choice of pork or chicken. Bring to a boil and let simmer for 1-3 hours

Ingredients: chinese yam, pearl barley, goji berry, red date, black date, lotus seed, euryale seed, polygonatum odoratum, longan fruit, radix glehniae, lily bulb, astragalus root