Postpartum Herbal Bath Mix 月婆焗身 (thuốc xông sâu thí sinh)

Postpartum Herbal Bath Mix 月婆焗身 (thuốc xông sâu thí sinh)

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For nearly 40 years, we have put together this package of herbs for families and women preparing for or already in the postpartum period. In TCM, women in their postpartum period have imbalances in the body due to stress of childbirth and are susceptible to wind, which may cause aches and sickness. Thus, it is important for new mothers to rest, reset, and recover after giving birth. This age-old practice, 坐月子 (zuo yue zi), which translates to "sitting the month," is still a common tradition done by millions of women in China and other Asian countries. 

In TCM terms, the mother's body is put in a "cold state" after birth due to the many stresses induced by childbirth. As a result, 风 (feng), which can be translated to wind or cold air, can wreck havoc on the body that is already in a cold state. This herbal bath helps to remove wind from the body to promote comfort and healing, circulation, and warmth of the body. For best results, it is recommended to use this herbal blend in the immediate postpartum, particularly for use in the first week or two following postpartum (we recommend at least 5 packages minimum, the tincture from one package can be used twice depending on the volume of liquid left over). 

Cooking Directions: Cook and bring one full bag to a boil in 8-12 cups of water. Remove from heat after finish boiling and let herbs sit and steep for an additional 20 minutes covered, to allow cooling of the herbal infusion until it is warm. Strain the herbal infusion to separate liquid from herbs. 

How To Use: Transfer herbal infusion from pot into bathtub or a small tub while warm. You may bathe directly in the liquid with a washcloth to create a warm compress for the entire body. If using a small tub for your bathing method, make sure to cover or bathe your vaginal area when soaking, and allowing for the steam to enter the area for best healing properties. You may also dilute the herbal infusion into a hot bathtub to soak your entire body in. Let skin absorb the herbal infusion after your bathing method without rinsing off with water. 

Herbal baths are safe to use after birth for an indefinite period. Please test the tincture on a small patch of skin first; if skin irritation or skin allergies occur, stop use immediately. Other circumstances where using an herbal bath would be unsafe is a large amount of postpartum blood loss or if the mother is feeling weak and faint; the heat of a bath may cause these complications. Please use at your own discretion and stop all use if any of these instances may occur.  For external use only. 

Ingredients: Folium Artemisiae, Blumea Balsumifera, Herba Cymbopogon Citratus, Ramulus Uncariae Cumuncis, Radix Pterospermum Heterophyllum, Ramulus Cinnamoni, Folium Perillae, Herba Menthae