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Yon Ho Classic Original Soybean Powder 永和 经典原味豆浆粉 (12 sachets) 350g

Yon Ho Classic Original Soybean Powder 永和 经典原味豆浆粉 (12 sachets) 350g

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Ingredients: Soybean, maltose syrup, maltodextrin.

Contains: Soybean

Direction: Add about 180ml of hot water (temperature above 80°C/176°F), add a small bag of soy milk powder while stirring, stir well and drink. A small bag of soy milk powder can be mixed into about 200 ml of fragrant soy milk. You can add Yonghe Soy Milk Oatmeal to drink according to your personal preference, the taste is richer and healthier.

Storage: Store in a cool and dry place. Finish within one month after opening.

“永和豆浆”品牌源于宝岛台湾,秉承“中国风 台湾味两岸情”的大爱情怀;以“传承豆浆文化,弘扬中华美食”为己任,30 多年求专注于豆浆产业,一直致力于“做一杯好豆浆”。将传统豆浆与现代工艺结合,将其发扬光大。

The brand "Yonghe Soymilk" originated from Taiwan, adhering to the love of "Chinese style and Taiwanese flavor across the Taiwan Strait"; with the mission of "inheriting soymilk culture and promoting Chinese cuisine", it has been focusing on the soymilk industry for more than 30 years, and has been committed to "Make a good cup of soy milk". Combining traditional soy milk with modern craftsmanship, it will be carried forward. Yonghe always adheres to the creation of an integrated industrial chain of planting, production and sales, so that every step from raw materials to products is fully controllable, ensuring that the products in the hands of consumers are safe and secure!
The vision of Yonghe Soymilk: Let Yonghe Soymilk be available to all places where there are people in love with it in the world.

【永和 經典原味豆漿粉】



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