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Tin Hee Tong Tin Hee Pills Ea 天喜堂天喜丸

Tin Hee Tong Tin Hee Pills Ea 天喜堂天喜丸

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Ingredients : Fructus Amomi 13%, Zingiber 13%, Cortex Cinnamomi 13%, Fructus Amomi Rotundus 6.5%, Radix Glycyrhizae 18.9% and various Chinese medicinal materials 35.6%.

Indication : Appetite enhancement, tonic and restorative for general health. This popular herbal supplement  supports the menstrual health and promotes the women's well-being.

Direction: Take 1 pill 2 times daily.

Packaging: Each box contains 12 bottles; each bottle contains 10 pils; each pill weighs 0.3g.

Storage: Store in cool and dry area. Avoid direct sunlight.

Caution: Take the pills cautiously during menses and avoid taking them during pregnancy.





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