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Postpartum Herbal Soup (Sheng Hua Tang) - 生化汤 (shēng huà tāng)

Postpartum Herbal Soup (Sheng Hua Tang) - 生化汤 (shēng huà tāng)

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Sheng Hua Tang (生化汤) is a Chinese herbal soup mix used for mothers after childbirth to stimulate blood flow and relieve pain. This is the most popular postpartum formula for aiding uterus recovery by clearing blood stasis and tissue from the uterus.

Widely used after giving birth, Sheng Hua Tang cleanses the blood, relieves pain, and bolsters the restoration of the body after the laborious process of childbirth. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the body is in a 'cold,' weakened state post-delivery so Sheng Hua Tang has 'hot' components to bring back warmth to the body.

How to Prepare:

  1. Pour 5 cups of water into a pot with the all the herbs from 1 package of Sheng Hua Tang
  2. Soak for about half an hour
  3. Boil the herbs until it is reduced to about 2 cups (~30-40 minutes depending on the heat of your stove)
  4. Take 1 cup in the morning and 1 cup at night

**Some people like to add a small cup of rice wine for additional warmth

Warning: Women who experienced excessive bleeding or underwent a Cesarean section should not take Sheng Hua Tang.

Ingredients: Angelicae sinensis, ligusticum striatum, prunus persica, pao jiang, zhi gan cao


Disclaimer & Precautions: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use Chinese herbs or herbal extracts with caution. Professional advice is suggested. In TCM, Chinese herbs are often combined in the context of formulas to enhance each other's desirable action and to minimize any potential side effect. Consult a professional if you are pregnant or are taking any prescription medications or Western medications as it can cause interference or have a strong effect on the body. Loose, whole herbs may vary from pictures due to its natural form and cut. Bag packaging may also differ as we source from multiple sources to ensure we have product on hand. All will have labels indicating scientific name, Chinese name, and weight.

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