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LYC Geniune Quality Korean Ginseng (450g) 高丽人参 标准真正

LYC Geniune Quality Korean Ginseng (450g) 高丽人参 标准真正

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LYC, or Lee Yuen Cheong, Korean ginseng is the same Panax Ginseng species as Korean ginseng, but grown and processed in China. The distinction is that this ginseng is equivalent to officially certified Korean ginseng as it uses the same processing methods. However, LYC Korean ginseng adds Chinese herbs in the process to improve its efficacy. 

Korean ginseng is "warm" in nature, compared to American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) and can help with many ailments including but not limited to: colds, heart health, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, mental and physical stress, erectile/fertility dysfunctions, and menopause. A thorough description of the benefits and strength of studies conducted can be found at the following Mount Sinai Health Systems page: Asian Ginseng.

Korean ginseng has strong anti-inflammatory properties due to its ginsenosides and can help with many bodily ailments. 天, meaning sky, references where this particular ginseng part was harvested from. 天 indicates the part of the root that is closer to the sky, the section closer to surface of the earth that it grows in. 地, meaning earth indicates that the sections are deeper in the ground. The number, 10 or 15, indicates sizing: 10 means that there are roughly 10 pieces. As such, the pieces in the 10 are larger than the ones in the 15. 

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