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Xiang Xin Shiitake Mushrooms 香信菇 1LB

Xiang Xin Shiitake Mushrooms 香信菇 1LB

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In Cantonese cuisine, the dried products of Shiitake Mushrooms (Lentinula Edodes) have three forms: flower mushroom (Hua Gu), winter mushroom (Dong Gu), and Xiang Xin Gu.

Xiang Xin Gu descriptionThe fruiting body grows fast in the high temperature range above 20 degrees, but the body is thin, the stalk is long, the edge of the mushroom cap is fully expanded, and the fragrance is slightly inferior. The shape of this dried shiitake mushroom is called "Xiangxin".

Net Weight: 1LB

Size for each mushroom piece is in the range of 4-5cm.

香信菇 ——  子实体在20度以上的高温区间,生长速度快,但薄身、柄长、菇盖的边缘完全展开,香味略逊。这种干香菇的形态,称为“香信”



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