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Ning San Yuen Herbal Supplement 陈李济 养心宁神丸

Ning San Yuen Herbal Supplement 陈李济 养心宁神丸

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ACTIONS: Supports the health and well-being of the body. Promotes a healthy heart, helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing occasional fatigue, helps you to relax, and provides relief from occasional sleeplessness.

DIRECTIONS: Adults take 1 pill, once a day. Pills may be allowed to dissolve in the mouth, or may be taken by first dissolving the pill in water.

WARNING: Do not take if you have the flu or a fever. Not recommended for use in cases of ulcers, gastritis, or hypertension.

Product Contents: 10 pills

Made in Hong Kong




  • 成人:每天服用1片。 
  • 含服、或温水化服


  • 如感冒或发烧,请勿服用
  • 如患溃疡、胃炎、或高血压,不建议服用


Loose, whole herbs may vary from pictures due to its natural form and cut. Bag packaging may also differ as we source from multiple sources to ensure we have product on hand. All will have labels indicating scientific name, Chinese name, and weight.

Disclaimer & Precautions: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use Chinese herbs or herbal extracts with caution. Professional advice is suggested. In TCM, Chinese herbs are often combined in the context of formulas to enhance each other's desirable action and to minimize any potential side effect. Consult a professional if you are pregnant or are taking any prescription medications or Western medications as it can cause interference or have a strong effect on the body.

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