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Xylitol Red Date Tremella Lotus Root Powder 盛阳山 木糖醇红枣银耳藕粉羹 400克

Xylitol Red Date Tremella Lotus Root Powder 盛阳山 木糖醇红枣银耳藕粉羹 400克

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Xylitol Red Date Tremella Lotus Root Noodle Soup can be used as a nutritious breakfast to satisfy your hunger. Have a cup of red dates, white fungus and lotus root powder during afternoon tea time to drive away fatigue and enjoy the relaxing time in the afternoon. After working overtime until late at night, let a cup of lotus root drive away the fatigue all over the body and replenish energy for the body. It is most suitable for frequent drinking in winter. After drinking, the body will sweat slightly, enhance physical fitness, improve complexion, and not be afraid of the severe cold.

How to eat: Put about 30g of this product, or 2-3 spoonfuls into a bowl or cup. Pour hot water and stir evenly until it becomes a paste. It is now edible after it has turned into a paste.

Product Net Weight: 400 grams




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