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Sanguisorba Root (Radix Sanguisorbae) - 地榆片 (dì yú piàn)

Sanguisorba Root (Radix Sanguisorbae) - 地榆片 (dì yú piàn)

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English Name: Sanguisorba Root (Radix Sanguisorbae), Burnet-Bloodwort Root, Garden Burnet Root, Long Leaf Garden Burnet Root

Chinese Name: 地榆片

Common Uses  in Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Actions Indications/Syndromes

Cools the Blood and stops bleeding

Bleeding due to Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao with hemafecia, bleeding hemorrhoids, bloody dysentery and excessive uterine bleeding

Blood Heat with epistaxis and hematemesis

Clears Toxic Heat, astringes fluids and generates flesh

Sores, ulcers, and burns (topical)

It reduces oozing by astringing and regenerates flesh

Net Weight: 16 oz / 1 lb

Disclaimer & Precautions: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use Chinese herbs or herbal extracts with caution. Professional advice is suggested. In TCM, Chinese herbs are often combined in the context of formulas to enhance each other's desirable action and to minimize any potential side effect. Consult a professional if you are pregnant or are taking any prescription medications or Western medications as it can cause interference or have a strong effect on the body. Loose, whole herbs may vary from pictures due to its natural form and cut. Bag packaging may also differ as we source from multiple sources to ensure we have product on hand. All will have labels indicating scientific name, Chinese name, and weight.

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