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Hong Kong Wai Yuen Tong Young Yum Pills 香港位元堂扶正養陰丸

Hong Kong Wai Yuen Tong Young Yum Pills 香港位元堂扶正養陰丸

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Consolidates constitution and enhances health, warms the yang, dissipates cold, reinforces qi and strengthens the spleen. Suitable for weakness in physical strength, tiredness, weakness and coldness in the spleen and stomach, cough with profuse sputum, imbalance of body after illness, deterioration of organs’ function and for symptoms like tiredness or loss of appetite due to deficiency of the heart, the spleen, qi and blood.
Directions: Take orally one or two times a day, 1 pill each time. Take with warm water. For children of 5-10 years, reduce the daily dosage by half. The dosage for those over 10 years old is the same as that for adults (also depending on individual physique). It can be dissolved or divided into two parts for children to take orally; put about 200 ml of boiling water, stir until dissolved and drink. 
Ingredients: Radix Codonopsis, Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae, Radix et Rhizoma Glycyrrhizae, Cortex Cinnamomi, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Arillus Longan, Radix Rehmanniae Praeparata, Poria, Radix Astragali, Fructus Lycii, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae and otherTraditional Chinese Medicines.
Warnings: Not to be taken by those who suffering from common cold with fever and during pregnancy. Those suffering from hypertension should seek advice from a Chinese Medicine practitioner before administration.
Net Contents: 24 pills, 9.5 grams per pill
Made in Hong Kong
  • 功能 / 主治:



  • 主要成份:

    黨參、白朮、甘草、肉桂、山藥、龍眼肉、熟地黄、茯苓、黃芪、枸杞子,當歸 、陳皮及其他中藥材等。

  • 使用方法:

    治療用量 : 每日口服2次,每次1丸,溫水送服
    保健用量 : 每日口服1次,每次1丸,溫水送服

  • 備註:

    - 感冒發熱者及孕婦忌服
    - 高血壓患者服用前請向中醫師查詢

    原產地 : 香港

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Disclaimer & Precautions: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Use Chinese herbs or herbal extracts with caution. Professional advice is suggested. In TCM, Chinese herbs are often combined in the context of formulas to enhance each other's desirable action and to minimize any potential side effect. Consult a professional if you are pregnant or are taking any prescription medications or Western medications as it can cause interference or have a strong effect on the body.

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