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Pu-erh Black Tea 云南普洱茶砖

Pu-erh Black Tea 云南普洱茶砖

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Pu-Erh represents a category of fully-oxidized tea, fermented and ripened by time. It is a  highly prized tea produced in the region of Yunnan. You may find forms of Pu-Erh in a loose tea form, but the most common is in the compressed brick, or cake form. Compressed forms tend to be pricier, but have a longer shelf life where the quality only heightens when stored for months, even years. 

Benefits of Pu-Erh include increased energy levels and focus, lower risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol levels, cleansing of toxins and free radicals within the body, aids in weight loss, improved digestion and elimination of constipation, and preventing illnesses and the common flu.

To properly break the tea brick, do not use your hands as it will compromise the flavor and quality of the tea. Look for the softest corner of the brick and take a sharp object similar to a needle to poke through 2-3 times to loosen up the tea leaves. This will allow the leaves to naturally crumble away from the brick.

Store in a cool and dry area away from sunlight.


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