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白云山 Xiaoyan Lidan Pian 消炎利胆片

白云山 Xiaoyan Lidan Pian 消炎利胆片

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Xiaoyan Lidan Pian is used for clearing heat and removing dampness, normalizing the functioning of the gallbladder, and clearing the damp-heat and toxicity within the liver. It may help for the disintegration and removal of gallstone.

This is a popular formula for gallbladder inflammation. It normalizes all the functions of gallbladder, making it healthier by providing both anti-inflammatory and diuretic effects.

Xiaoyan Lidan Pian indications for use:

  • cholecystitis including in acute form
  • congestion of bile in the liver
  • removal of excess moisture and heat from the body
  • for the normalization of the functions of the gallbladder
  • bitterness in the mouth and throat
  • for the treatment of pain in the hypochondrium

Directions: take 6 tablets at a time, 3 times a day. Contains 100 tablets.
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